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    The Café is easy on your wallet and hard to forget [Food & Dining]
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    mjwindle’s photostream on Flickr.Random photos from my world.
    Lighthouse Perspective in Black/WhiteGunpowderPeer at DuskFlower

    mjwindle’s photostream on Flickr.

    Random photos from my world.
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    Andy Grammer brings smiling talent to Louisville [Music]

    Andy Grammer joined Colbie Caillat at Louisville’s Brown Theatre last night. Here’s my review of Andy’s show.

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    Here are some photos from my wife and I’s first adventure to the Kentucky State Fair. I tried my first Krispy Kreme Donut Burger - Awesome. I got to pet the ass of an ass, watch chicks hatch out their eggs, heard a rooster crow and little piggies run around in a pig pen. I wasted a few dollars scratching off Kentucky Lottery tickets. I entered to win about 35 drawings and left with about a pound of useless paper, plus 2 coozies. All in all, we had an awesome time. The fair is something to experience once a year. You should also experience the Donut Burger once a year. Not just because it costs $8 and tastes amazing like Christmas, but because if you enjoy it more than once a year you are likely increasing your odds of a heart attack by at least 37.5%.

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    "Sounds awfully mean…but sometimes…the ends justify the mean."
    - Michael Scott
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    "Collar Bomber" arrested in La Grange [News]
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    Jalin Roze: a hip-hop star rising right here in Louisville [Music]
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    Man V. Food accepts the Comfy Cow challenge [Food and Dining]
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    Return of the Bats [Sports]
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    Hipster puppies are way cuter than actual Hipsters
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