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    One of my favorite tweets ever, under the influence.

    In other news. MY KNEE IS KILLING ME. Drugs are starting to kick in, so nighty nighty.    tweet

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    Staples. “That was easy.”

    Staples. “That was easy.”

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    The Three Stooges Encounter an iPhone, Snooki [VIDEO]

    The Three Stooges Encounter an iPhone, Snooki [VIDEO]
    Each day, Mashable highlights one noteworthy YouTube video. Check out all our viral video picks. The iconic Larry, Curly and Moe come back to life in The Three Stooges movie trailer, released Wednesday. This 106-second clip showcases their familiar raucous antics in a modern settin…

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    My honey.

    My honey.

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    4 Things You can learn from earX-tacy closing [Music]
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    EarX-tacy says goodbye.
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    We get reader emails—and respond


    ajita sent a message using the contact form at http://www.louisville.com/contact.

    Planning to visit louisville this thanksgiving long weekend with my family. Tell me what are the attractions and places of interest out there 

    Editor responds:

    Thanks for your email. One tip for your visit: people here in Louisville are keen on using “please” and “thank you.” Have a great trip.

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    Louisville Magazine December launch party!



    Join us for our December launch party at the University Club, located on the University of Louisville’s campus, just off Cardinal Boulevard.

    Don’t miss out on free appetizers, drink specials, and a chance to win a Rick Pitino signed basketball.

    There will also be free, on-site parking.

    For more information or questions regarding this event, call (502) 625-0100 ext.10.

    The author of the issue’s “Why Basketball Is Just Worse in Kentucky” should be there too.

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    Expo Five musically bombastic in Louisville [Music]
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    Muhammad Ali sucker-punched with mansion [Breaking News]
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